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Covenant of Poppies

1992. A journalist in war-torn Yugoslavia uncovers the truth about democracy, lies, and love.


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Two sisters, one a pop star, the other an actress, are part of a covert government program in which minds can be triggered to perform any action required by its handler.


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A secret holocaust conducted between the Church and the Fascist powers causes an innocent race of people to be demonized as part of a plot to bury one of the most heinous crimes in modern history.


E. Lane Keller’s writing embodies a search for truth in the modern world and has appeared in multiple literary magazines, in books published by Simon & Schuster and Reed Elsevier/Butterworth Heinemann, and in stageplays appearing in the Eastern U.S.

"Within this ‘legitimate’ illusary world lies a limitless universe free from agents of control and which reveals the truth of our existence: that we are divinely capable of anything."
E. Lane Keller